The Difference Between Cheap and Premium Domains

What is the main difference between cheap and premium domains? What is included in a premium domain and what is in a cheap domain? Read and find out!

If you are looking to buy a domain name for your website or online store, we suppose you’ve come across cheap and premium domains. The cheap domains are domain names that are usually sold at self-cost prices. These domains aren’t supported with three or six-months payment periods. The premium domains, are domain names that are sold at a non-cost price. These are high-value domains and have the potential to grow into popular web addresses with powerful branding opportunities.

The premium domains are pretty expensive. They are usually short, catchy, easy-to-remember domains with popular domains extensions. The premium domains can be available for sale by the domain name registrar or by the existing owners. The domains that are sold by owners have a one-time purchase fee and the maintenance cost which includes transfer and renewal doesn’t differentiate from the regular expense for other domain names. The registry premium domains are new domain names that are chosen as premium due to their huge potential for popularity and high-value. Usually, the registry premiums have special prices for transfer, renewal, and acquisition.

When you purchase a premium domain name with a domain name registrar, the registrar will register or transfer the domain name to you. The registry premiums will be immediately calculated. The domains sold by owners may need some time to transfer since a third party is usually involved. Generally, it takes from 24 to 72 hours for the domain name to be transferred.

Those who are purchasing cheap domain names are usually using these domains to start and see how running a website feels like. But, if you are serious about selling online or simply establishing an online business presence, we highly recommend you to avoid cheap domains. The cheap domain usually includes the registration of the name, basic DNS management (the management of the servers), and the cost for administrative services (transfer of ownership, updating Whois, and etc).

Premium domains include the registration of the domain, full DNS management, as well as, redirection through the Domain account, domain administrative services (transfer of ownership, updating email address, updating Whois).

Now you know that the difference between cheap and premium domains is not the price only. It is the service and value you get for your money.

If you think that premium domains are a better fit for your business, allow us to help you choose the right domain.

If your main question is how to buy a domain name that is premium and that the current owner has listed on a marketplace, well, is the same as buying a normal domain name. First, you need to search for a domain. Remember, the shorter the better. Consult with your team whether a certain name is right for your business.

Second of all, you need to make sure the name you want is worth the money you plan on spending. Don’t make quick decisions. Try to lower the price and negotiate a better deal.

And finally, is a domain name is not for sale, try and contact the seller, negotiate a price, and ensure a safe and secure transfer of ownership.

Buying premium domains come with numerous advantages. You will give your website a great domain name, you will add authenticity to your store. Premium domains will also ensure that you attract the visitors who otherwise might not have noticed your website.

To find the domain name for your next big project, you know what kind of a name you want from the start. Write down your ideas and search for a premium domain name today!