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Choosing a good domain name

Acquiring a high-quality domain name is crucial for every website. The virtual address tells a lot about your website. If you want to use a domain name that’s short, memorable and give potential visitors a chance to figure out what they can expect even before they visit the website, then you should know that this task can be difficult. There are millions of registered websites and the combinations of characters and words that are available are becoming more difficult.

The good news is that there are still some great domain names out there, but you will have to use specific approaches to get them.

Expired domains

First and foremost, you should look through expired domain names. As we said, there are millions of registered domains out here and not all of the domain owners are renewing their domains in a timely manner. There’s a great chance that you will find many domain names that have been used for years that have become available. But, if you want to use this approach, you should remember that not all old domains are good. Focus on the ones that have solid Page Rank, domain authority and quality backlinks.

Domain sales and auctions

You can find dozens of websites and platforms where current domain name owners are selling their names. They usually accept sites that are well-established and have a certain value. Once again, you have to be very careful because some of the indicators that may suggest that a domain name is valuable are faked.

Domain name generator

Another way to get a good domain name is to use a domain name generator. These generators represent tools which are able to create lists of suggested domain names for users. Typically, a user enters the words they want to include in the domain name or the industry of their future website and the tool will present the ideas. What’s good is that they are also providing information about the availability of these domain names.

Create your own domain name

If you have some ideas, you can create your own domain name and check whether it’s available or not through the popular registrars. In case you want to use this method, we have a few suggestions for you. First of all, use a short name with no more than three words. Next, you should look for a .com extension. Avoid hyphens and numbers.

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