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Domain Name Registration Explained

When it comes to launching a business online, choosing a name for the website is a very important thing. The website’s name represents the virtual address of the business on the World Wide Web. Technically, this is just a label of the site, but as a future website owner, you must be careful because this name is one of the most important things that people will see when they are getting in touch with your business.

In other words, in case you manage to pick a name which tells a lot about the nature of your business, then people will feel more comfortable opening your website. For instance, let’s say that you have a business focused on selling watches and in case you select a name like –, this won’t mean much to visitors because they won’t be able to get a clue about your business and industry.

The DNS (Domain Name System) highlights four parts of a name. First, we have a server prefix which is usually www., next there is a domain name followed by a server suffix in the form of .com, .org, .net etc. and in the end, there can be a country code like .us, .ca etc. It’s very likely that you will need to search for a longer period of time before you finally select a domain name for your website because there are thousands of registered names and your first idea will probably be taken. The process of domain registration is available to all the people in the world and it turns out that men and women around the globe think alike. That’s why we believe that your first idea will not be available.

Once you find a unique name for your site, you should start the registration process. Do this as fast as you can because someone may get your domain name before you. Keep in mind that it’s recommended to opt for a .com domain extension because there are a few benefits associated with it.

Most Internet users assume that you have a .com website even if you don’t mention the extension. People are used to this extension which means that they trust websites that end in .com. In any case, you are free to register your domain name with a few different domain extensions. If you are planning on launching a website focused on the local market, you should use a country code in the end.

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